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You get around – framing around a pool

Tips on building your EbTy Ipe Deck around a pool.

Having a deck around your above-ground pool not only beautifies your yard, but also keeps the pool cleaner due to less dirt being tracked in. Building a deck around an above-ground pool is not as hard as it seems. The height is predetermined since you want to set the deck at the same level as the top of the pool. Also, the basic design is laid out since you will follow the shape of the pool.

Framing a deck around an above ground pool can be a challenging project. Many above ground pools are round which requires the deck to wrap around its base using a system of short segmented beams supported by a large number of posts and footings. Laying out the footings can also be quite difficult because there may not be any corners to use as references. You may need to use the triangulation method of footing layout by establishing two fixed and independent points from which to pull measurements from such as the center of the pool or a tree.

Framing a wrap around deck does not have to be the project that makes or breaks your home remodeling dreams. If you know deck framing principles and can sketch building plans accurately, you can frame the deck. All you need are some guidelines to help you avoid the most common pitfalls. The steps below present answers to the problems usually encountered when framing wrap around decks.

Lay out the area where the stairs will contact the ground. Use this area as a reference point. Buying pre-made stringers for the stairs will make the project go even faster. With a little luck, you will buy a set that is the correct height of the pool.

Build the under frame of the deck with pressure-treated lumber. Build it slightly lower than the pool since you will have to add the thickness of the deck boards.

Use 4-by-4 inch posts sunk in concrete at least 2 feet deep around the deck as main supports.

Use 2-by-4 inch posts attached in an “X” as a cross brace. Attach these with your EBTY Deck Fasteners. Use 2-by-6 inch boards as the joists to attach the deck boards to lay them out around the perimeter of the pool.

Attach uprights of 2-by-2 or 2-by-4 as posts for the railing of the stairs and the main deck area around the perimeter of the deck.

Attach the deck boards on the stair runners and on the front of the risers with stainless steel or coated screws long enough to go through the deck board and into the stairs. Attach the decking to the top of the 2-by-6 joists using the same screws as the stairs. Trim the decking to fit the shape of the pool.

Attach a top post on the handrails, and attach rail pickets at no more than 3 inches apart so a child’s head cannot protrude through the pickets. After you complete the deck, decide if you want to enclose the bottom of the deck or leave it open. If you want to enclose it, there are many options like pre-made fence panels cut to fit the size, shape and height of the pool deck.

Always be careful not to puncture or damage the pool during construction. This type of project usually requires some improvisation during construction to get everything lined up appropriately. Try to create a clean and smooth edge between the pool and deck. Also consider how safely they work in combination. Make sure there will be no slivers or sharp edges that might cut bare feet. This safety is what makes EbTy hidden deck fasteners such a good choice for this project.

Don’t leave any openings between the deck and pool that might create a tripping hazard. You will usually need to install a gate that can be locked to limit access to the pool and act as a safety feature.

EbTy decking around a pool makes for a clean, safe transition.

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